About Me and this blog

My name is Maheep Kumar and I’m the author of this blog. Mostly, I write both useful and funny programs. Sometimes, I tinker with things that I find interesting.

Here are some of my interests:

  • Psychology: Do I have brains in my head? Do I have a heart in my chest? What’s the most useless talent you have? Who is this stunning creature? The matters of human behavior and cognitive processes.
  • Learning new languages: This one’s relatively new. For now, I can read and write a fair bit of Japanese and Spanish.
  • Playing with hardware: I have a few Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos which have been put to different uses - as automatic doors, as a cloud storage for home or even for controlling fancy lights in my home.
  • Travel: I was an avid motorcyclist back when I owned a motorbike in Delhi. Now, I just have a bicycle that easily gets me through the day, but unfortunately restricts travel options. But you can always find interesting things around you, no matter where you are. You just need to observe.
  • Apiculture: This is my latest passion, and I must say, directly inspired from the Elementary TV Series. Bees indeed make interesting companions.

This blog was made possible due to Jekyll, Michael Rose’s Minimal Mistakes theme, GitHub Pages, Netlify and FormSubmit. I am grateful to the creators and teams of all the forementioned projects for their awesome work.

This blog is written in a way that it is easy to read and is deliberately intended to be minimalistic, with no intrusive elements like ads or banners, because they are not good. Not much imagery and other media is used, unless required by the needs of a post. All blog posts are referenceable, and I try to ensure that all blog links are consistent, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.