Adventures on a Valentine’s Weekend

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The Meaningless Introduction

Valentine’s day was just like any other casual Friday - People coming late to the office and leaving early to celebrate the weekend, this time however, with their significant other. What do they do during the rest 51 weekends of the year?

  • I woke up to my daily dose of news about India from Knappily and saw this article: A Scam called Valentine’s Day
    A quote mentioned in the above article caught my eye:

    I would like to extend a warm thanks to Hallmark, the official sponsor of Valentine’s Day, for reminding me that without a significant other, how truly worthless my life is.

    Oh the tragedy…

  • Meanwhile, a die-hard One Piece fan on reddit made this card for his wife:
    BF-37 Franky

I told you - meaningless. The next part’s the real deal.

My own fiasco this Valentine’s

I made a script for myself a few days ago to place orders on Amazon inspired from this xkcd and this website: Packages Here are some of its features:

  • I set it to send me stuff based on my browsing history during some special holidays. Google and Facebook show you relevant ads based on your browsing habits, this script just ships stuff. :P
  • Set it to operate within a constraint of 100 dollars total. It periodically checks Amazon around holidays (±5 days) to see if there is a sale and will check possible items of my interest based on a weightage formula of my own interests through my browsing history and the item prices. Basically, it tries to assign a monetary value to my potential interests and tries to ship me at most 3 cheapest products out of my interests.

The gifts I received

  • Presenting my first gift, The Complete Box Set of MacGyver, I’d been meaning to watch MacGyver for sometime. I’d spent the last weekend browsing some reviews of this show. :smile::
    MacGyver The Complete Box Set
    It spent $70 on this one. Looks fine, could’ve been a bit better.
  • The second gift was unexpectedly, a box of erasers. Its been ages since I have used an eraser, so how did I get it? Turns out, I was searching for a Scratch Eraser Kit, and instead of this:

scratch eraser kit

I got this:

Paper Mate Eraser Box

So my script spent $9 on a bunch of erasers, that I’ll probably never use.

Like Cueball, I am sunsetting this script for the time being, till I can figure everything out.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. My weekend’s set watching MacGyver and I guess, using erasers. Its been a long time since I used a pencil, I’ll go borrow some from my neighbour, do some scribbling on some pages and spend some time erasing and repeating this exercise. I’ve got 24 erasers after all, and plenty of time.

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