Manga + Anime Review: ReLIFE by Yayoi Sou

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Back in 2017, I got started on ReLIFE.

ReLIFE Cover

After reading around 10 chapters, the manga felt like a refreshing break. It’s a story about a 27-year old NEET named Arata Kaizaki, who is presented a chance to experience an all expenses covered life as a 17 year old high-school student for a full year by a person named Ryo Yoake, a guy who works in the support division of a company called ReLIFE. The terms are simple: If his experience is deemed successful by the company and he is able to meaningfully change as a person, he’ll be offered an employment opportunity to restart his career.


ReLIFE is one of the few slice-of-life stories I’ve read that has brought me both immense joy and sometimes, a lot of tears. Overall its quite a wholesome story, with a wonderful character development. Extra points for making the manga in color and having Kawaii aesthetics all over it. And for those amazing crayon sketches at the end of every report. The author’s intentions reflect well from the very beginning, and while the plot isn’t one that will keep you awake or throw in any hard twists, I must admit I was quite pleasantly surprised once or twice. The ending was super-amazing, though it has a certain plot-armor to it, as it feels something you would expect, but even more, you, the reader wants it to end that way.

Anime or Manga?

Honestly, I’ve read and watched both, though if you want to take a quick dive, I’d suggest the following order:

  • Watch the anime first (first season only, has 13 episodes, don’t watch Kanketsu Hen). Available on Crunchyroll (or any source you prefer your anime from).
  • Then read the manga from ch. 100 onwards, all the way upto the last ch. 222. Available on Comico’s Pocket Comics app (or any source you prefer your manga from).
  • An epilogue chapter 222.5 was released this year, and I suggest you to read it. Its a great conclusion.
  • You can now watch ReLIFE Kanketsu Hen if you want to. The issue is that they have compressed almost 100 chapters worth of content in 4 episodes. It concludes right before the last chapter.

I’m done. What next?


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