Mundane work and Blog Migration

1 minute read

These times have brought with them an unprecedented level of boredom and the demand to learn something new. I spent most of this week setting up my new MacBook Pro. Thanks to iCloud integration, most of my stuff was setup from the get go, but installing and configuring software is an entirely different territory here. Nonetheless, I finally finished it all today.

Speaking of today, I finally completed another long-standing item on backlog - migrating my blog from GitHub Pages. So, if you are able to read this post and others properly, I’d say my job went quite successfully. The blog is now hosted on Netlify.

All due respect to the performance of GitHub Pages and the engineers tirelessly maintaining it, I had one privacy concern as a blogger, which was to secure the source of my blog since I don’t prefer anyone snooping behind the scenes to see the unpublished drafts on a public repository. That problem is now finally resolved, as the repository hosting this blog is finally private.

There hasn’t been any performance penalty or any other issues so far, since I’m consistently getting a score of 84 (previous was 80 I think) on PageSpeed Insights. Aside from a minor hiccup in configuring the SSL certificate and another issue with Jekyll Environment variables that took me sometime to figure out, everything went quite well.

On a completely different note, has anyone tried the Surfing game on Microsoft Edge Browser? It takes sometime getting used to, but its nice enough to kill time.


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