macOS Big Sur

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Last night, macOS Big Sur was finally released at around 11:30 pm IST. Here’s my installation log of the same.

Searching for offline versions of the installer

macOS Big Sur was my first update experience on the macOS platform. Just as I was used to downloading and installing updates over the past months from the support pages of Apple’s website, I frantically searched for an offline version of the Big Sur installer. 10 minutes later, I gave up and went with the standard way anyway. When you perform a simple HTTP download, you can terminate it and safely resume it. For system updates, its a hit or miss. The update may start where you left off if you are lucky, or it won’t. See my post On Downloading Stuff to know more.

Why the rush?

My data pack for the day was gonna run out at 12:30 am. So I had barely 40-50 minutes to download around 3GB of data. Imagine my surprise when the update turned out to be a whopping 12 GB. Windows updates maxed out at half of that, I think.

Breaking Downloads

The update kept breaking for me, perhaps, because everyone was downloading updates at that hour, so Apple may be facing some issues. Luckily, downloads were able to resume normally for me, so thats a positive side of the coin here. I put my laptop to sleep last night once 2.5GB was downloaded and went to bed.

Resuming update in the morning

Another stroke of luck - update resumed from its last position in the morning, and I was finally able to download the entire thing. The only extra woe was that once the installer started, it required an internet connection as well, and used up another 400 MB of my data. After that, all I had to do was wait leave the MacBook plugged-in and it would do the rest. After several restarts, I finally had Big Sur.

CAUTION: My MacBook Pro 16-inch had gotten quite hot when updating. Though not uncomfortable since its already winter here in India, its still worth noting.

Conclusion and first impressions

Overall the update process went quite smoothly for me. I shutdown my device for half an hour and then picked up to start my work. And damn, this thing booted up fast. New looks, but still familiar programs. And strangely, Microsoft Edge, asked me for Bluetooth permissions. And I think, I found the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Font in macOS - Herculanum.



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