macOS 11.1 Upgrade log

1 minute read

I finally upgraded to macOS Big Sur 11.1 at last - no visible changes for me at least, so its the same features and same problems more or less. Parallels Desktop still can’t get the networking initialized properly, which means no internet on my Windows 10 VM and I (still) can’t write to any NTFS drives.

Here are Apple’s words on macOS Big Sur updates:

Once macOS Big Sur is installed, software updates begin in the background and finish faster than before — so it’s easier than ever to keep your Mac up to date and secure.

I have deliberately disabled automatic updates on my macOS (they could eat up my limited data at unexpected times), but once the update began, it was a 3+ GB download, so its comparable to Catalina’s update packages in terms of size (as seen on Regarding the faster installation part, after the update was finished downloading, the system restart began at around 9:29 PM, and the process was finally completed at 9:50 PM. So, 21 minutes in total, on a 16-inch MacBook Pro that’s almost a year old.

Catalina updates used to take up about 30-40 minutes installing on my system, so the current situation’s an improvement compared to that, but it could still be so much better. And it looks like Apple’s getting rid of those useful offline update installer packages.


Dear Apple, not everyone has high data-caps internet connection available across the world. Earlier, people like me had offline installers to the rescue. So, all I gotta get now is a data add-on package from my internet provider everytime I wish to update my system, right?

Please understand your users better. Maybe borrow a page out of Microsoft’s book (or Catalog) or maybe even any Linux distribution (easily resumable sudo apt upgrade, like in Debian/Ubuntu). Its not that bad, right?

Overall, pretty neat system (virtualization issues aside). :smile:


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