macOS Software Checklist

1 minute read

  • TextSniper: OCR any printed text on your screen.
  • Swish: The application site claims it as the missing gesture layer for macOS. Its a whole bunch of useful gestures that have made my life easier on the MacBook.
  • Soduto: File sharing between Android and macOS. While the current public version is quite old, it works flawlessly with KDE Connect, which works well with my Linux and Windows devices. There’s an alternative called AirMore, which I’ve yet to try.
  • MacPorts: I pick this because its better to work with for me. Homebrew doesn’t work for my use-cases.
  • qBittorrent: For dealing with torrent downloads. And doing other useful stuff with torrents.
  • Wget (and the built-in curl): For dealing with other downloads. I installed it using MacPorts.
  • PDF Expert: The default Preview app works fine with PDFs. But it has its limitations - it cannot work with large PDFs and cross-device annotation and editing of PDFs is a pain to work with.
  • Amphetamine: Handy utility to keep my device awake. Available for free at the App Store.
  • VLC Player: Media player that mostly plays anything I throw at it. It crashes quite often on the Mac than it did for me on Windows 10 though. Still, works well.
  • Parallels Desktop: Windows 10 running on the side - useful for running Windows software and dealing with NTFS drives.
  • Vim: Insane text-editor.
  • Sublime Text: A sane text-editor for guests.


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