At last, India gets an Apple Store

1 minute read

On September 18, Tim Cook announced the launching of Apple’s online store in India and as per Apple, we can expect their full range of products and support on the online store, including the latest Apple Watch Series 6 and SE and the iPads announced last week. The online store brings with it features like Trade-In and AppleCare+ (courtesy of which, I got my current laptop).

Pricing for various products is as expected, no surprises there. But Apple is offering 6% cashback (max. 10,000 INR) on HDFC Bank’s credit cards for now, so that’s a good start.

In addition, Apple One is coming later this year, though my services requirement hasn’t changed much from the 50GB of iCloud space I use for now, so I’ll probably pass on that. But its competitive pricing of 195 INR/month (almost 5 times less than US pricing) for individuals is a total deal stealer for those, who unlike me, are truly immersed in Apple’s walled garden. In an apples-to-apples price comparison, iCloud pricing in India still lags behind that offered by the likes of its rivals like Google and Microsoft in some cases, but in Apple’s defense, they don’t have a well-integrated cross-device ecosystem to match. In other words, its an acceptable trade-off. Hence my forementioned conclusion that it is competitively priced.

To conclude, I think Apple’s off to a good start. Hopefully, we’ll get Apple Fitness+ and the long overdue Apple Books Store in India as well. I’ve begun to run out of free classics of my taste lately.


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